Железная Н.
傻孩子 准备等一辈子啊
Меня всегда восхищала сила слов, что бы это ни значило. А началось с этого:

When I questioned him
He told me this had once been a great world
They had abundance and plenty

There was enough for everyone who lived there
But the inhabitants where never satisfied
They wanted more
They wanted everything
And they started to quarrel amongst themselves
They could not live in peace
And they tried to destroy each other
In doing this they destroyed everything
Their abundance
Their plenty
Their own intelligence
Their beauty
Their Love

He told me that
So far as he knew
He was the only living thing left
But that he knew he was dying
When I asked him the name of the planet
He replied:
We called it 'Earth'

Leonard Nimoy - A visit to a sad planet

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